Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Fleet Pond Manoeuvres!

Just back from walking the devil dog... it was very beautiful there this morning, slightly misty and spooky. I did try and get a pic with my phone but taking a photo when you have the dog from hell on the end of a lead is a bit of a nightmare!! Thought you might like to see a couple of old ones that I took when I had Molly the lazy black lab instead of the devil incarnate!

Now one might presume that walking the dog at 6 am you would not meet anyone at all...wrong!! This morning the world and its cat appeared to be walking their dog - hence the manoeuveres... at one point I ended up clambouring up a steep hill and climbing over a fence to avoid someone and their dog. I should explain here - Biscuit is like Scooby Doo and is scared of everything, but instead of laying low she barks to warn them off and draws attention to herself - complete nightmare!! She would also quite likes to chase cyclists and joggers... I think I need to find a dog whisperer to whisper in her ear!!

Off to London today to see Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, really looking forward to it as it was my favourite ride at Euro Disney and apparently there is a bit in there where it is really like flying over London...


Alice in Wonderland said...

Beautiful photographs! This is definitely my favourite time of day! I live in The Borders, and I used to go out running every morning. Mainly just to think and blow the cob-webs away, but then I slipped and broke my ankle, so that is how I first started getting into blogging! Now, i'm totally addicted!
Hope the new baby is doing well!

Rustic Gifts said...

Ahh they say every black cloud has a silver lining.. I would never have been able to start up Rustic Gifts unless I had become ill 2 years ago.

I hate missing my walk early in the morning - would be more peaceful without Biscuit though!!

Eloise is doing fine, although RM have not managed to deliver keepsake garland as yet... no surprise there then!!