Saturday, 15 August 2009

Manic Week!

Have had a really manic week - some good and some bad....

Last Saturday went to Alton Craft Market to see if it would be something I would like to try - the answer was yes I loved it there!! Also there was no one else there doing the type of crafts that I do, even though I am a bit random and flit from one thing to another and now have quite a wide assortment... you can see some of it here.

Did a bit of research and found excellent heavy duty pop up gazebo to use as I figure this will not only save me money but gives me a larger area to display my crafts. So now booked in to Alton for the 12th September!!

On Tuesday Devil Dog was having a cut and shampoo - this unfortunately happens in my home - yuk!! All my crafts have to go away in boxes with lids and then I have to move extremely heavy table from kitchen to make room for the bench the woman brings with her... I then provide towels etc. and get bathroom ready. This happens every 10 weeks... on a Tuesday and costs me £46. I provide the hot water, electricity, towels and at least 2 cups of tea for dog groomer... and then when she has left I clear up the mess. So this time everything happened as usual then when I make out the cheque she says - your dog was matted (it wasn't!) I am going to have to charge you £54!! Dear God - it doesn't cost me that to go to the hairdresser!! When I queried why she would be more matted than usual she said i normally had her done every 8 weeks _ went back through calendar in case I had lost the plot, but no, definately every 10 weeks... now looking for new dog groomer!! Think you might be able to see said witch in before and after photos below.. ha ha!!

Devil Dog before hair cut

Devil Dog almost finished...

Wednesday seems to be rather a haze - probably suffering from shock at the bill from dog groomer!!

Thursday was my mothers birthday and we were having a 'tea party'!! Not sure where I got the idea from but thought it would make a change from me manically bbqing at every available opportunity... so sandwiches, cheese straws, sausage rolls, scones with cream and jam and obviously gingerbread men!! Part of my mothers b'day present was still missing as apparently a donkey would be faster than Royal Mail but the gazebo did turn up!! Anyway wanted to try it out so in between baking we put up a gazebo!! Pity my daughters b'friend has an aversion to reading instructions as we had to take it down and put it up a second time!! Decided to leave it up (even tho I have one in the garden already) and use my banquet table - v. posh!! Ha ha!! Had an excellent evening - sounded like there was 20 of us in the garden instead of 7... laughed all evening!! Should have taken some photos!!

Friday took gazebo down with my mother... hilarious!! Going to have to do this a few more times before the 12th September I think.... either that or accost some random man!! Rest of pressie still not turned up....

Saturday - Royal Mail still not managed to deliver.... maybe it is missing but they are blaming strike - irritating!! Have managed to paint a sign for my stall tho...

Anyway would love to see you if you are in the Alton area on the 12th September - if you get there early enough you can probably have a laugh at us putting up the wretched gazebo!!

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